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Q: Do you test on animals?
A: In 2016, South Korea implemented a country-wide ban on all ingredient or cosmetic testing on animals. As all our products are formulated and manufactured in South Korea, we are indeed cruelty-free!

Q: Are your products vegan?
A: Almost! All of our products are vegan and contain no animal byproducts except for our Cicaherb Restore Multi-Balm, which contains a small percentage of beeswax.

Q: I’m pregnant/breastfeeding…Is it safe to use your products?
A: Yes, our products are all safe for use during pregnancy or breastfeeding, but we still recommend that you consult your doctor before using any products for your safety.

Q: How long is the shelf life of your products?
A: All of our products have a shelf life of at least 12 months, but can last longer if stored correctly. Expiration dates are listed on all packaging. 

Q: When will your products be restocked?
A: We try to restock all our products as often as possible. Please subscribe to our mailing list and follow our social media pages to stay updated with when we restock! 

Q: Where are your products manufactured?
A: All of our products are manufactured in South Korea.

Q: What skin types are E Nature products best for?
A:  Our products are suitable for all skin types! Some products are better for some skin concerns than others, so please refer to our product descriptions for more information.

Q: How do I get samples of E Nature products before I buy the full size?
A: For our customers who would like to try our products before committing to the full size, we have several samples of our best sellers in our sampling program available. These samples are great for testing and travel!

Q: What is your packaging made of?
A: All of our packaging is made out of PETE-1 plastic, which is 100% recyclable into other plastic containers. We also use soy ink for printing as opposed to traditional petroleum ink that contains VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that can be very harmful to the environment.



Q: Where do you ship to?
A: Domestically - We ship to all 50 states of the United States (as offered by USPS).

Internationally - We do not provide international shipping as of this moment. We are working on changing this! 

Q: How much do I have to pay for shipping?
A: All orders placed within the U.S. are qualified for free shipping. You can calculate shipping costs to your location when you view your cart. 

Q: Where can I buy E Nature products outside of the US?
A: We have several retailers that ship outside of the US. Please see list below:
EU Region:
New Zealand:

Q: When will my order ship?
A: We ship out all online orders from our warehouse in California, US and aim to fulfill all orders within 1-3 business days after the date of purchase. 

Q: How long will it take for me to receive my order?
A: Once your order has been confirmed and shipped out, all domestic orders shipped via USPS will take 3-5 business days to arrive. 



Q: I made a mistake on my order. How can I change the details?
A: If you need to make changes to your order, please send us an email at and include your order number (provided in your order confirmation email). Please note that we cannot make any changes once the order has been shipped out.

Q: What’s your return policy?
A: We accept returns on new and unopened products within 15 days of receipt for a refund. Please send us an email to with your order number and we will give you further instructions. Please note that we are not responsible for the shipping costs of returns or liable for lost returns. Refused shipments (damaged, opened, used, or expired products) will not be refunded.

Q: I returned my product, but I still didn’t get my money back.
A: It may take a few days for your bank to process the return. If problems persist, please contact your bank.

Q: Can I return a product that I bought on sale?
A: Unless specified otherwise, you may!

Q: Can I return a used product?
A: We cannot refund you for a used product.

Q: What happens if I get a faulty or damaged product?
A:  Please contact us at with details.



Q: Does E Nature offer wholesale accounts? 
A: Yes we do! If you are a retailer or store,  interested in opening a wholesale account with us, please email with your store website, brief introduction, and we will get back to you with further instructions!

    If you have any further questions, please feel free to send us a message on Instagram or Facebook or contact us through email down below!