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Birch Juice Hydro Program Travel Kit


A three-piece travel set of the bestselling Birch Juice Hydro skincare line to hydrate and soothe the skin for a healthy and youthful glow.

  • A 3-piece kit containing travel essentials to maintain hydrated skin
  • Formulated with birch tree sap instead of regular H2O to boost moisturizing power
  • Intensely moisturizing, soothing, and revitalizing  
  • Best for dry to normal skin types
  • Paraben-free, mineral oil-free, artificial fragrance-free, cruelty-free, vegan, recyclable packaging, skin safety tested

How to: After cleansing, take a quarter-sized amount of the essence-skin and apply onto the face using your palms. Follow up with the emulsion to lightly moisturize and soothe any irritated skin areas. Finally, finish off with the sleeping pack to seal in all the hydration and revitalizing properties. Wash off the sleeping pack the next morning to wake up with plump and glowy skin.

Birch Juice Hydro Essence Skin 25ml / 0.8 oz
Birch Juice Hydro Emulsion 25ml / 0.8 oz
Birch Juice Hydro Sleeping Pack 18ml / 0.6 oz

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