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Juniper Pore Grip

Juniper Pore Grip

Formulated with juniper, hops, and yarrow extracts, our Juniper Pore Grip collection helps your skin control oil production, shrinks the appearance of pores, and leaves the skin feeling matte yet hydrated.
Particularly effective for oily, combo, or acne-prone skin, this collection consists of multiple cleansers and treatments to ensure that those pesky zits and pores stay hidden!

Suitable for all skin types, especially oily/combo/acne-prone skin
Cruelty-free & Vegan
Artificial fragrance-free
Packaged & Printed in eco-friendly materials
Juniper Pore Grip Cleansing Water Juniper Pore Grip Cleansing Water Out of stock

Juniper Pore Grip Cleansing Water